Avid Project Archiving and Media Mover with archive-R™ (no future updates included)


Archive Avid Projects and Media in Just 4 Clicks!

Scan for orphaned Projects and Media for FREE

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Archive Avid Projects and Media with Ease

archive-R™ is an easy-to-use standalone software application for archiving, moving, and restoring complete Avid Projects and all their associated files including: Bins, Sequences, Media, Attics, Settings, Everything. In one simple archive process, archive-R™ allows you to archive to a hard drive, burn to removable media, and remove the original files from your system.

Include other Misc files in your Archive!

archive-R™ has a Misc. Files feature that allows you to drag-n-drop any digital media or folder into the archive. This allows you to back-up all your assets into your archive file.  Notes, Scripts, Photoshop files, everything.

Key Features:

  • Archive – Scans for Avid projects and all associated Avid project files to create the archive.
  • Archive – include non-Avid files associated with your project such as scripts, graphics, notes.
  • Preview Media  – via video thumb nails or play the video in QuickView LT FFmpeg viewer.
  • Clear Up Disc Space – Scan and cleans orphaned Avid files from your system (attics, projects, and Avid media)
  • Delete Avid projects  – Deleting via archive-R will prompt you to delete all associated media in just two easy steps to avoid leaving orphaned media
  • Hashing – Hash your projects and media and get a hash report with or without archiving.
  • Archive –  Back up to HDD, DVD-DL, and Blu-ray, including disc spanning.
  • Restore Mode with Drive Mapping allows you to restore the media files to the drive(s) of your choice.
  • Restoring archive-R™ archived projects does not require an archive-R license.

FREE TRIAL VERSION on download page.

Easily Share Avid Projects with Non archive-R Users
You are not required to purchase archive-R™ to restore an archive-R™ archived project.
Simply download and install the archive-R™ FREE TRIAL version and you’re ready to restore using the free archive-R™ restoration module with Drive Mapper.

For more information about archive-R™, download the trial version and view the integrated product manual.


archive-R 2.0 Supports:

  • Avid Media Composer version 2020.x or newer
  • Avid OMF, MXF, AMA & Linked Media
  • Local, Network and Removable Storage
  • Avid Unity/ISIS/NEXIS Hi-Speed Shared storage

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • 100 MB of Free Space


Archive Avid Projects, Media and any other files in Just 4 Clicks!


Below are a few related KB articles and FAQ’s:

Download/Free Trial

Download the latest version of archive-R™.

Try Before You Buy: Until you purchase an archive-R™ license, you can run it in trial mode. Trial mode will allow you up to 3 Free trial archives. archive-R™ restores are free and unlimited.

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