DAC QuickEnhance® Forensic Audio Software


by Salient Sciences

Hear What You’ve Been Missing!  Reduce background noise such as hums, electrical interference, air conditioners and tape noise to improve the clarity of voices and other audio evidence that are important to your case.

Boxed Version: Both AS & VST plugins w/dongle – movable between systems.

Product Brochure (PDF)

GSA Pricing available to Qualified Buyers upon request.


QuickEnhance Supports More Audio Editors

The DAC QuickEnhance Forensic Audio Clarification Plugin is now supported by a larger set of programs including Adobe Audition, Audacity, Avid Media Composer 8 and more via v2.3.0 AS and 2.3.2 AAX/VST 64bit versions.

QuickEnhance is Easy-To-Use

The QuickEnhance plug-in suite is designed specifically for forensic audio clarification, so there is no need to hunt through a long list of audio effects filters designed for creative audio professionals. In a single streamlined interface you have the filters you need to address all the most common audio problems that are preventing you from hearing import elements in your audio evidence.

QuickEnhance Benefits

Reduce background noise such as hums, electrical interference, air conditioners and tape noise to improve the clarity of voices and other audio evidence that are important to your case.


The AAX Avid Media Composer version and VST version are available as a download demo from the Free Trial tab.

AAX and VST Plug-in FREE to Existing QE/AS customers.
If you already own the DAC QE Audio Suite plug-in box version with dongle, these are a free upgrades from the Ocean System download page.

For Power Users DAC Cardinal
For those that want even more power and control, we offer DAC Cardinal which is also available for demo as a VST plug-in.

Available Versions (AS) or VST plug-in

Audio Suite (AS 32bit and AAX 64bit) Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools.
Virtual Studio Technology (VST 32/64bit) Sony Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, etc.


  • 02/01/15 – 64bit AAX for Avid Media Composer 8.2 and later released
  • 04/29/14 – 64bit VST Plug-in now available for Creative Cloud
  • 01/14/14 – AS Plug-in Version 2.3.0 Released
  • 08/24/12 – VST Plug-in (new) Released

DAC QuickEnhance previously was only available as an Avid Audio Suite (AS) plug-in. Now a VST plug-in has been released. This expands the editing platforms you can utilize the audio clarification processing provided in QuickEnhance.

AS plugins vs VST plugins

  • (AS) Plug-ins: Compatible with Avid products such as Media Composer and Pro Tools.
  • (VST) Plug-ins: Compatible with: Acon Acoustica, Sony Sound Forge, and Adobe Audition, etc.


Platform Support

  • AAX Plugin v2.3.2 support: 64bit
    Programs such Avid MC 8.2 and later
    Demo version available.
  • VST Plugin v2.3.2 support: 64bit & 32bit
    Programs such as Sony Sound Forge, Acon Acoustica,
    Adobe Audition. Demo version available.
  • Audio Suite (AS) v2.3 Plugin: 32bit
    Avid Media Composer up to version 8.1,
    Digidesign Pro Tools systems version 6.0 or higher.


  • 20-band EQ
  • Improved, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Improved Auto-Normalize feature with implementation of 10dB max
  • Improved Hum Filter by adding “filter amount” control
  • 1000-Band Spectrum Analyzer allows you to visualize the audio under investigation, thus increasing user efficiency
  • Five powerful digital processing stages (DSP) including Hum Filter, Predictable Noise Reduction, Random Noise Reduction, and Automatic Gain Control
  • Attack noises such as power hum, static, reverberation, acoustic resonance, hiss, muffling, and engine sounds
  • Auto-Tracking Precision Hum Filter. Filter amount control has been added
  • Report Generator outputs filter settings for future reference and accurate case documentation
  • Save and recall filter configurations for future processing
  • Bypass button for comparison of processed vs unprocessed audio
  • 200 Hz high-pass filter to remove DC offset and low frequency rumble
  • Initial auto-normalization stages to maximize signal amplitude
  • USB hardware key included


DAC QuickEnhance™


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Download/Free Trial

Download the latest version of QuickEnhance.

Free demo package is available for download as well that includes:

  • Acon Acoustica Basic Edition (FREE)
  • DAC QE/VST plug-in (trial version)
  • Sample audio file to clarify
  • Step-by-step instructions that will have you up and running in minutes

Acon Acoustica Basic Edition is a free audio editor that supports VST plugins.

Visit the Ocean Systems Download Page for all our latest software releases