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dTective 8.0 Released! – 11/12/2018

The dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite is a suite of software solutions for Forensic Video Analysis and Image Clarification.  Over 1,500 dTective® systems are already being used successfully by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies including the FBI, CIA, and DEA as well as other government and private security groups in the U.S. and around the world.

No one tool does it all.

Omnivore and Omnivore Field Kit are for screen capture in the lab and in the field. ClearID is an expanded suite of image clarification filters.  QuickDME is a digital evidence & workflow solution.

So where does dTective and Avid Media Composer fit in? 

dTective is a suite of AVX plugins for Avid Media Composer and some stand alone tools like archive-R. So with dTective/Media Composer, you have the full set of Media Composer features, a video editing timeline and the dTective plugins for redaction, frame averaging, and presentation.

Media Composer Timeline

Media Composer Timeline

And with dTective 8.0, you have 13 ClearID filters as Avid AVX plugins

dTective 8.0 - ClearID Effect Category

dTective 8.0 – ClearID Effect Category

You of course still get the dTective AVX plugin suite, with the updated SpotLight/Redact and all new Analyze (BETA) effects

dTective 8.0 Effect Category

dTective 8.0 Effect Category


  • 11/12/2018 – dTective 8.0 Released – Updated SpotLight/Redact & New Analyze (BETA) effect
  • 06/13/18 – dTective 7.5.3 Maintenance Release – Updated SpotLight & includes optional ClearID v3.3.3 installer
  • 11/06/17 – dTective 7.5.2 Maintenance Release – Updated to include optional ClearID v3.3.2 installer
  • 06/23/17 – dTective 7.5.1 Released – Updated to include optional ClearID v3.3.1 installer
  • 04/12/17 – dTective 7.5 Released – Requires 64-bit version of Avid Media Composer v6.0 or newer, added 13 new ClearID effects in Media Composer
  • 05/04/15 – dTective 7.2.0 Released
  • 01/09/15 – dTective 7.1 Released

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dTective® is a suite of AVX plugins for Avid Media Composer that includes 20 effects for Media Composer, as well as three stand-alone applications; DVR dCoder, dPlex Pro, and archive-R.

SpotLight/Redact – For quickly highlighting/obscuring up to 4 objects at a time.

dVeloper – For live frame averaging by Region on Interest. Just scroll to the location in the video you want to frame average, lasso the region and that area will instantly be frame averaged.

MAGNIFi – Select an smaller area in the video to display larger

arithMATIC – Using Subtraction you can see the pixel difference before and after. Ideal for shop lifting reviews.

Analyze (BETA) (NEW in 8.0) – Search for activity in a Region of Interest (RoI), with adjustable tolerance levels, and automatically keyframe all activity for manual review.

dPlex/dPlex Pro – Two ways to dPlex video when its been multiplexed.

archive-R – A stand along application for archiving digtal media files into one hashed file.  Compatable with Avid Media Composer Projects.

dTective® 7.5 is for 64-bit versions of Avid’s Media Composer (version 6.0 or newer)



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