Forensic Video Recovery Field Kit (Accessories Only: No Laptop/No Omnivore) – Used Demo/Training


Capture directly from VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Video Ports

Now first responders and experienced analysts alike can go on scene with confidence that they will walk away with an uncompressed copy of the video evidence they need to investigate the case.

Document every screen, mouse movement & setting of your entire DCCTV recovery!

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Forensic Video Recovery Field Kit (Accessories Only – No Laptop – No Omnivore™)

Overcome common digital video recovery obstacles and confirm you have actionable evidence before leading the screen

  • Capture directly from the video outputs from any system including VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite
  • Regardless of if the video is stored locally, in the cloud or it needs a proprietary players you don’t have, first responders and experienced analysts alike can go on scene with confidence that they will walk away with an uncompressed copy of the video evidence they need to investigate the case.
  • For those doing native file recovery only, use the Omnivore Field to document all the screens and setting so you can professionally document the recovery.
  • Omnivore Field Kit also provides digital video processing of native files via our Omnivore FFmpeg Convert feature.  Simply drag the native files into the Omnivore viewer
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Standard Field Kit
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Plug-n-Play Setup In Just Minutes

The Omnivore™ Field Kit provides you the ability to capture video directly from the machine that recorded the video by connecting video cables (VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Sources) directly to the video feeds coming from the system.  Additionally, you have to ability to do native file processing now.

Once connected, the video will display in the Field Kit Viewer software, ready to be captured using the Omnivore™ video capture software. The captured uncompressed copy of the video feed can then be instantly previewed, then saved and exported to common formats for BOLOs or news releases all without the need to load hard-to-find proprietary viewers.

Personally Transportable

The components in the Omnivore™ Field Kit fit in a shoulder travel bag (~20 lbs).

Overcome DVR Video Recovery Obstacles

If you need actionable evidence, the Omnivore™ Field Kit provides you a solution to quickly and easily overcome many obstacles so you have the evidence you need to continue your investigation.

  • Get the best evidence – Some DVR exports add a 2nd level of compression on file export. Omnivore do not.
  • Missing the proper player – Some native files exports don’t include the proprietary player. We provide you options to work around that via screen capture or file conversion.
  • Can’t export because the USB Port is broken or your thumb drive is not compatible.
  • CD/DVD Burner is broken and it’s the only export option.
  • Video is stored on a remote server with no download option or locked permissions.

Add Additional Forensic Processing Tools

Build up your Omnivore™ Field Kit by adding additional Ocean Systems tools and training.  The Forensic Video Processing Suite upgrade option adds the following to your  Omnivore™ Field Kit:

  • dTective suite – Forensic Processing, Analysis, Presentation and Achieving Suite for Avid and now Adobe Premiere – Includes live frame averaging, redaction tools, ClearID filters, archiving with hashing of assets, and more.
  • ClearID – Forensic Image Clarification Suite for Photoshop
Add a Laptop Docking Station & Monitors for a Complete Mobile & Office Workstation Solution!

Ask us about qualified docking station options and external monitors to turn your Omnivore™ Field Kit into a complete solution for the field and the office.


Omnivore™ and Omnivore™ Field Kit related software updates are listed under the news tab for Omnivore™

  • Laptop recommend model – HP G8 Fury
  • 01/2022 – Omnivore Supported Software v
  • 08/2021 – Omnivore™ Field Kit Viewer updated in Omnivore™ 3.6.0
  • 09/2020 – Field Kit updated with HP zBook G7 series
  • 04/2019 – Field Kit updated with HP zBook G6 series
  • 12/2018 – Field Kit updated to replace 250GB SSD w/500GB Samsung SSD
  • 08/2018 – Field Kit updated to include new zBook 15v G5
  • 05/2018 – Field Kit updated w/new 250GB Samsung SSD
  • 01/2018 – Field Kit updated to include new zBook 15 G4
  • 07/2016 – Field Kit updated to include new zBook 15 G3
  • 01/2015 – Field Kit SD Converter hardware upgraded.
  • 11/2014 – Field Kit updated to include new zBook 15 G2
  • 02/2014 – Field Kit updated to include new zBook 15 G1
  • 01/2014 – New DVR Assessment & Video Recovery Course Announced
  • 09/10/13 – Police Security News – Ocean Systems’ Forensic Video Acquisition Field Kit Lightens the Load for Law Enforcement
  • 05/10/13 – Omnivore Video Acquisition Field Kit Released

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What is included:

Omnivore Forensic Video Capture Field Kit:

  • Omnivore DVI Bridge for VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • SD Video Converter for Composite and S-Video
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Field Kit Flash Drives Set for DVR native file export
  • Cables – Color Video Coded
  • Devices Pelican Case
  • Travel Bag (Box Dimensions 18 1/2 x 17 1/2 x 10)
  • Back Pack (Optional)

Add an Omnivore Drive if you don’t already own one.

What laptop to choose?

  • HP G Series is what we have used for many year – Lasted supported models were HP G8 Fury 15 or 17 inch.  These come with various nVidia graphic options.
    • Higher end graphics are better for FK and so the laptop can support video editing software if you are installing that as well.
    • As with most apps, faster storage and more RAM is also better. SSD storage is better then spindle drives and M.2 storage is better then SSD.

Additional Forensic Processing Tools and Options

Add additional tools to create a forensic multimedia processing station for the field and office.


Omnivore™ Field Kit – Playlist

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Below are a few KB articles and FAQ’s related to Omnivore™ and the Omnivore™ Field Kit:


Download the latest Omnivore™ software for your Omnivore™ Field Kit drive.

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  Digital Video Acquisition

Version Release Date FREE TO – In Support As Of Date
Omnivore v3.0.0.26 06-13-2018 01-01-2015
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