iNPUT-ACE Workflow Engine

-iNPUT-ACE allows your investigators to instantly access, enhance, and manage hundreds of proprietary video formats that cannot be played using traditional players.

Expedite your investigations and SAVE Time, Money, and Resources!

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iNPUT-ACE Video Workflow Engine for Law Enforcement

In our surveillance society, there are many hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played using traditional players. iNPUT-ACE, from OCCAM Video Solutions, allows your investigators to instantly access, enhance, and manage this critical evidence.

05/22/2018 – Version 2.1 Released!   New “Lite” & Dongle subscription options available!

-iNPUT-ACE A Dynamic Video Workflow Engine for Law Enforcement

Basic Functions

  • View Proprietary Files (Drag, Drop and Play) using Interrogate
  • Create Sub Clips with Notes, Enhancements, Redactions
  • Export to Reports with embedded images/video, and more…

More Functions

  • Stabilize Video, Frame Average, Resize
  • Hashing Videos at a Frame Level
  • Batch Processing
  • Save to Lossless Compression and save valuable Disc Space
  • Save Workflows for Later Use
  • Sync Multiple Video Clips into a Matrix and Drag to Rearrange them using Canvas Editor

iNPUT-ACE is designed for:

  • Use of Force Investigation
  • Traffic Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Sexual Offense Investigation
  • Homicide Unit
  • Robbery Unit
  • Identification Unit
  • Video Unit

“iNPUT-ACE performs flawlessly! The resulting video is so reliable, most defense attorneys simply stipulate to the video output. iNPUT-ACE is comprehensive and fast. With its simple drag, drop, and play functionality, I can now do so much more in far less time. It is the fastest and most reliable video processing tool I use.” – VICKI LONG Alameda County District Attorney’s Office


  • 05/22/17 – -iNPUT-ACE v2.1 Released
  • 02/07/18 – -iNPUT-ACE v2.0 Released
  • 07/10/17 – -iNPUT-ACE v1.2.3 Released
  • 04/05/17 – -iNPUT-ACE v1.2.2 Released
  • 03/02/17 – -iNPUT-ACE v1.2.1 Released
  • 01/03/17 – -iNPUT-ACE v1.2 Released
  • 06/23/16 – Past Webinar – Recording Available
  • 03/17/16 – Past Webinar – Recording Available
  • 02/25/16 – Ocean Systems Authorized iNPUT-ACE Reseller and Integration Partner
    Ocean Systems partners with OCCAM Video Solutions Inc. as an authorized integrator and reseller of -iNPUT-ACE in the United States and Canada

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The minimum specifications for iNPUT-ACE are Windows 7 or above with at least 4GB of RAM. Best performance will be experienced with 64 Bit, Windows 7+, with at least 16GB+ of RAM.

You will also need at least 10GB of free space for the iNPUT-ACE scratch disk.

The Scratch Disk is a folder generated by iNPUT-ACE. Temporary files created during certain processes are written to this folder. This isolates all temp processes within iNPUT-ACE to a specified location to protect sensitive material. All temp files in the Scratch Disk folder are automatically purged when iNPUT-ACE is closed.


Below you will find:

Short Overview Videos – Each Overview Video is 1-2 minutes long and targets a specific topic/feature of iNPUT-ACE and how you would use it to process your digital video evidence.

Command Staff Level Overview Video of Ocean Systems and OCCAM -iNPUT-ACE
This video starts with a short overview of Ocean Systems and its various forensic digital media solutions, then jumps right into a Detailed 30 minute demo of iNPUT-ACE from our latest Webinar.


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