Ocean Systems Tower (used for internal development & testing)


Ocean Tower used internally for development and testing.

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Ocean Systems Tower, Tyan 7100 motherboard, High Performance Forensic Processing Workstation – Window 10 Pro OS – Dual CPU Mother Board with Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor 4210 2.2 GHz Processors (12 cores each for 24 Core Total/48 Threads), 64GB RAM DDR4 2666MHz, 500 GB M.2 EVO SSD  (Samsung) “C” drive, 16x LG BLU-RAY RW, NVIDIA P2200 (5GB), NIC, USB 3.0/2.0, Mouse, Avid Full Colored Keyboard.

Added items:

2 x 1TB, 7200rpm SATA drives (2.5″) – mounted internally, configured each as their own drive letter

2 x 1TB, 7200prm SATA drives (2.5″) – formatted NTFS but not mounted internally.  Loose drives to be deployed as you wish .. just something extra!