Omnivore™ Hardware Upgrade – USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 Drive (Replacement Drive Only)


– Drive Replacement Program For Existing USB 2.0 32GB Drive Customers

(Replacement Drive Only)


Get the Most Updated Technology From Ocean Sysetems

Many of these Omnivore USB2 32GB drives have been in heavy use for many years as they were last shipped in 2013.  Additionally, USB2 technology has 1/10 the drive transfer speeds of our new Omnivore USB3 64GB drives.

To ensure your forensic processing ability is maximized and not interrupted, we are providing our USB2 32GB customers with this drive replacement program that allows you to get the latest Omnivore hardware for less than half the price of a new Omnivore.

Option 1 – $199

Omnivore USB3 64GB Replacement Drive Only  – Upgrade from old USB2 32GB drive to USB3 64GB Drive and transfer any existing support
– If you are in Support, we will transfer any existing support to new drive and decommission the old drive. Return existing drive within 30 days

Option 2 – $449
Omnivore USB3 64GB Replacement Drive and 1 Year Support 
– For Drives out of support or you want to add another year of support to your existing support. Return existing drive within 30 days

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