QuickDME™ – Digital Evidence Processing and Workflow Manager

QuickDME™ provides Digital Evidence Processing with a database back end that not only helps you process your evidence faster, you can manage it and even set it up to shared storage if you want to.
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Digital Evidence Processing and Workflow Assistant Software – QuickDME™

Perfect for Individuals, Smaller Teams or Deploy it Agency Wide.

How can QuickDME assist you in your digital evidence processing ?

That’s up to you.  QuickDME is modular so you can leverage part or all of its power.  Maybe you simply want help doing the initial ingest processing of your evidence to get it into your system and organized into folders where its hashed with an asset report and burned to disc.  If so, simply leverage QuickDownloader.  This can be set up on a single workstation with local storage or you can point to shared storage on a network.

If you decide you want to leverage more features of QuickDME, launch AccessDME and you will be provided a full suite of processing tools for searching ingested evidence, viewing, filtering by asset type, rewrapping, redacting, email notification when new evidence is ingested, evidence notes,  case notes, metadata, generating reports and more.  In AccessDME you can also leverage the integrated player manager.  Check a player in once and associate it to a media type.  Then when you want to access that player again for that media type, simply right click and select “Play in Associated Player” AccessDME will launch the player from the database and play the video.  Even if the player isn’t locally install on that system.

How do I Purchase QuickDME?
If you are currently in an Ocean Systems Global Support Contract, you can simply download QuickDME and get started.  You have access to a single license.
If not, you can purchase a 1 year subscription for $895

QuickDownloader – A streamline method of ingesting, cataloging, hashing, disc burning and databasing your evidence.

Customizable Downloader Form

Ingesting with QuickDME’s QuickDownloader simplifies your ingest progress but bringing what would take multiple programs and multiple manual processes into a simple interface that allows you to ingest one or multiple cases in one ingest process.  The most simple way to think of the QuickDME ingest interface is its similar to Windows Explorer but with your own custom form fields on the right hand side.  But under the hood, you get to leverage predefined processes that you want to happen on ingest, and collect all the metadata from the QuickDownloader fields and metadata about the files that get stored in a database you can leverage later.

How to Ingest Evidence with QuickDownloader

  • Mount the media to your system to auto launch QuickDownloader or browse using Windows Explorer to ingest manually.
  • Select what you want to ingest and fill in the required field such as Crime Type, Location, etc.
  • Que up multiple ingests from separate case if you want.  QuickDME will handle the rest.
  • QuickDME will then create the nested folders to separate the evidence using your predefined folder variables i.e. Date, Crime Type, etc.
  • The evidence is then hashed, copied, hashed, verified, and burn to disc (or not). You decide how it works.
  • With the ingest, you also get Asset Report with the hash verifications.
  • QuickDME can also optionally clear the media from the original source after it validates a complete ingest.
  • Leverage Custom Fields to track additional information you find important that you can later leverage in searches and reports.
  • Set things how you want them to organize, standardization & improve efficiencies for you or your team.

Now that your evidence have been ingested and databased, you can leverage AccessDME for processing it.

AccessDME – This is where you Search, View, Process, Redact and Disceminate

AcceessDME Interface

AccessDME makes it easier than ever to view, process and disseminate your digital evidence.

  • Search for cases using the Search Panel on left.  All fields are searchable. Use * to find all cases in the system.
  • Filter evidence by type – Video, Image, Audio, Documents or Other with a click of a button in the items panel.
  • View Case and Download information along with File Meta Data and Auditing using the right panels
  • View evidence leveraging QuickDME integrated QuickView Player.
  • View evidence in its own proprietary player using Sent To Associated Player feature. Make the association once and its there for later access.
  • Process evidence leveraging our Send To FFmpeg options for common processing tasks with Eleven (11) defaults. Including processing and frame reports.
  • Send evidence to 3rd party processing tools such as Photoshop w/ClearID or Adobe Audition for audio, etc
  • Add Case Notes or Evidence Download notes and color-coded by user.
  • Add notes to a specific frame of video when viewing in QuickView player.
  • Export notes as HTML or PDF.
  • Check in and track derivative work products or copies associated to the original asset.
  • Disseminate via copy, burn to disc, print or even fully electronically via web services.
  • All secure. All Auditable. All customizable to meet your needs.

Your Evidence, Your Digital Media Processing Solution, Your Way

Ready to See QuickDME in Action ?

Watch a Two minutes – Overview video

“QuickDME has helped us to simplify and standardize our agencies ingest, cataloging, auditing, and dissemination of all our digital evidence.” I’ve used a previous version named Downloader for years, so I was pleased to learn Ocean Systems acquired this product and did a major rewrite to support Windows 7/10 while expanding the features, speed and security options. The upgraded version called QuickDME™ is a work horse at our agency for ingesting all our crime scene photos, printing photo log reports, and organizing and sharing all our video and other digital case assets.

Need to Manage Your Crime Scene Photography

QuickDME™ originated as a crime screen photography solution, so being able to effectively manage crime scene photos is core to its design with many applicable features such as – ingesting multiple cases at once with hashing and auto disc burning as an optional setting, restrict to authorized cameras and file types, raw file support, tagging and photo logs, ability mark items as sensitive for restricted viewing, and more.

Benefits – Increase Productivity and Reduce Risk with Security and detailed Auditing.

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  • 02/21/19 – FREE 1hr Webinar on “What’s New in v3.5” (View Recording)
  • 02/13/19 – QuickDME v3.5 Released – Download Today!
  • 06/05/18 – QuickDME v3.2 Released – Download Today!
  • 04/04/18 – QuickDME v3.1 Webinar announced for 4/18/18 @ 1:00 PM EDT
  • 03/29/18 – QuickDME v3.1.0.5 Released
  • 01/16/18 – QuickDME v3.0.0.9 Released
  • 09/14/17 – QuickDME v3.0.0.6 Released
  • 09/08/17 – QuickDME v3.0.0.5 Released
  • 03/23/17 – QuickDME v2.5.0.52 Released
  • 03/22/17 – QuickDME v2.5.0.51 Released
  • 02/24/17 – QuickDME v2.5.0.49 Released

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System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements for installing and running QuickDME™

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Minimum of 8 GB’s of RAM (recommended)
  • 150 MB’s of available free space on system boot drive*

* Required for QuickDME™ program installation and operation. Does not include storage space required
for database or evidence storage when only deploying the entire solution on a single workstation (e.g.
demo installations).

• Easy-To-Use Resizable Multi-Panel Interface
• Customizable Layouts using Dock/Undock Panel Options

• Auto-Detect newly mounted drive or browse to data location for ingest
• Auto filtering of approved files types
• Preview Window with Thumbnails and evidence tagging (Add keywords/phrases)
• Supports all digital media files and maintains folder structure.
• Catalog evidence by Case, Type of Crime, Incident Type that match your policies
• Create custom Data Fields
• Automated User Defined Hashing of Files with Hash Level customizable by Crime Type

• Secure Login
• View High Resolution or Proxy of the evidence files
• Flexible Search functionality
• Autocomplete option for frequently used words

• Authorized User Only Dissemination Options
• Custom Print Templates (Private or Public) User Printing Profiles
• Integrated PDF Writer with Document Security. View/Print/Copy
• Print Item Inventory, Audit Logs, Upload Logs and Tag Logs
• Burn to CD/DVD or Blu-Ray Discs
• Share via Agency Cloud storage, complete with Auditing, auto expriation & purging

• Set-up Individual User Profiles
• Customizable Permissions
• Define Access Levels
• Track Any/All Access To Download Media Files

QuickDME Suite:

• QuickDownloader™

• AccessDME™

• Admin Configurator

• Database Setup


• All licenses are dynamic floating licenses usless otherwise assigned as static

• Static licenses can be assigned to User ID log ins or to dedicated download stations

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QuickDME™ – Overview and Instructional Videos

QuickDME™ is Digital Evidence Processing and Evidence Management Solution that can be scaled from an inexpensive single user license to a complete asset management solution deployed domain-wide across your entire agency (or between multiple agencies).

Click the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the player to navigate the playlist.

Recorded Webinar Videos

For a more detailed overview watch one of our recorded webinars.


Below are a few KB articles and FAQ’s related to QuickDME:

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