QuickView LT

QuickView LT™ is a free multimedia viewer included in our QuickDME™ Digital Evidence Processing & Workflow Management suite. To learn more about how QuickDME™ can be used to audit, automate, and expedite many of your multimedia evidence workflow tasks, download & install our free 30-Day DEMO installation.

QuickView LT™ is yours to keep forever even if you choose not to purchase QuickDME™.


QuickView LT – Free Multimedia Player with Metadata Comparison Report and Omnivore Integration

QuickView LT™ leverages the FFmpeg project’s powerful decoding engine to play file & stream formats that other players often can’t, including many proprietary DCCTV file formats that utilize standard multimedia streams.

Accessing QuickView LT

With QuickDME™ installed or QuickView LT standalone installer installed,
simply right-click on a file and select “QDME – Play with QuickView LT”, as shown below.

The QuickView LT Interface

QuickView LT™ scales the video being displayed by default, to fit even low-resolution displays.

Playback Controls

Standard playback controls allow you to start, stop and frame advance through the video. They are described in detail below:

Copy Frame to Clipboard

The Copy Frame to Clipboard button (red camera icon shown above) will copy the currently displayed frame to your Windows clipboard at the native pixel dimensions.

Native pixel dimensions are displayed under the Metadata section as “Dimension”, as shown below.

NOTE: Regardless of the size of the QuickView LT™ video display area, the “Copy frame to clipboard” command copies the frame to your clipboard at the video’s native pixel dimensions.

Send-To Omnivore™ FFmpeg Convert

QuickView LT™ provides a quick & easy way to leverage the power of FFmpeg Convert from your Omnivore™ drive without having to launch the Omnivore™ Viewer.

Use Omnivore™’s FFmpeg Convert to:

• Run FFprobe reports (e.g. Container & Streams report, Frame Information report).
• Convert to an uncompressed file.
• Convert to a compressed file.
• Extract audio as uncompressed or compressed.
• Extract all frames.
• Extract I-frames only.
• Change video dimensions.
• Change Frame Rate.
• Trim video.
• Add a frame counter overlay.
• Save detailed FFmpeg log files.

QuickDME™ Metadata Viewer

The QuickDME™ Metadata Viewer displays the file’s metadata as reported by ExifTool, MediaInfo, and FFprobe, along with a Summary report showing the output from all three tools side-by-side.

To access the QuickDME™ Metadata Viewer click the icon shown to the right of the Omnivore™ icon.

When clicked a new window will open that will display the output from each tool and a metadata summary report in a tabbed layout, as shown below.

Simply click the Save icon to select options for saving to PDF and the options shown below are displayed. Click the Copy button to copy the text from the Summary Report Tab only to your clipboard.

Select/De-Select the contents of your report, whether you want to obfuscate the file path in each report, then click the “OK” button to give the PDF file a name and navigate to where you’d like to save it.

In addition to the output from ExifTool, MediaInfo, and FFprobe the Metadata Summary Report includes the file’s MD5 & SHA1 hash values.

Copy Metadata to Clipboard

Metadata text displayed in QuickView LT™ (as shown below) can be easily copied to your clipboard. Clicking on the blue hyperlinked text will present an option to copy the text for that field to your clipboard.

• Quickly Preview & Play Video from a wide variety of sources!

• Quickly Copy Current Frame to Clipboard (Not a screen capture)

QuickDME™ Metadata Viewer – Generate, Copy and/or Save multiple metadata reports with a single click, to include a single page summary report comparing the output from:

o ExifTool
o MediaInfo
o FFprobe

Integrated with Omnivore™ FFmpeg Convert

o Quickly access Omnivore’s FFmpeg Convert, including the ability to save the FFmpeg commands used & related log files!

Copy text fields to clipboard, such as:

o Reported Duration
o Timecode
o Packet Position (i.e. “pkt_pos”)
o Picture Type (e.g. I, B or P frame)

• Easily adjust playback speed, monitor audio levels & more.

Download/Free Trial

QuickView LT and QuickDME™ Try them out first-hand…for free.

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