SpotLight/Redact – Redact Video by Masking Suspects or Highlight an Area of Interest

Now with 4 Targets in one Filter

Spotlight/Redact is a quick and easy to use dTective module that allows the analyst to select a region of video highlight or blur.  You can define a shape anywhere from a square to a circle, then work with either the inside or outside of that shape using different filters, including blur, mosaic and scatter. All of these filters have a variable intensity setting.  You can even apply a border color to the shape to focus more attention on your area of interest.  All of the settings can be changed over time, allowing you to track a face or object as it moves as well as adjust your settings to accommodate for the object changing size as it gets closer or further away in the video.


SpotLight/Redact is an effect that allows you to highlight and/or obscure up to four (4) separate areas within your video clip via one effect, saving time when highlighting/obscuring multiple objects.

SpotLight/Redact can darken, lighten or apply one of several effects (e.g. mosaic, blur, scatter, etc) to the entire video background, as well as inside of each of the four SpotLight target areas independently.  Target area styles (e.g. border color, inside settings, etc) can easily be copied from one SpotLight to another, and we’ve added optional animation if you’d like to have the SpotLights Fade or Wipe In/Out.

SpotLight/Redact Effect - dTective 8.0

SpotLight/Redact Effect – dTective 8.0