QuickDME™ v3.5 – Add & Export Notes, Send-To FFmpeg & more

This week we officially released QuickDME™ version 3.5, which introduced several new features designed to save you & your team time.  One of the user requested features added to v3.5 was the ability to add basic text notes to a Case or Download folder.  Of course, we took it a few steps further. 🙂

Case & Download Notes

Users can now add basic text notes to any Case or Download folder right within the QuickView window, and notes are displayed color-coded by user.  Notes can be marked “Private”, and users can add formatting using the Text editor.  Only those with the appropriate permissions assigned by their administrator can delete notes.  Additionally, notes can be saved/exported as a self-contained HTML or PDF file.

Add Notes to Specific Frames of Video

When viewing a video in the QuickView window, users can now use the “Snapshot” icon to add notes on any frame.  The Snapshot icon will automatically open the text editor and include the file name, exact position/frame within the file, and a snapshot of the frame.  Now users can easily browse though videos, take snapshots & makes notes, then export to HTML or PDF.

Send-To FFmpeg

We’ve also added eleven (11) new default FFmpeg Send-To options for common processing tasks, such as re-wrapping to MP4 or exporting all I-frames.  These default FFmpeg Send-To options can be deleted or restored at anytime, and are only available to those with the appropriate permissions.  Additionally, we added the ability for users to create their own FFmpeg Send-To presets if they have FFmpeg installed locally.

What’s New in v3.5 Webinar – 2/21 @ 1:00 PM EDT

See these and more of the new features introduced in v3.5 in our free 1hr webinar on Thursday, 2/21 at 1:00 PM EDT!  Click here to REGISTER TODAY!

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