Struggling with Proprietary DCCTV formats? We have the solution!

In our surveillance society, there are many hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played using traditional video players.  -iNPUT-ACE, from OCCAM Video Solutions, allows your investigators to instantly access, enhance, and manage this critical evidence.  It’s never been easier to work with proprietary Digital CCTV evidence thanks to -iNPUT-ACE; simply drag, drop and play!

Create sub-clips with notes, leverage the easy to use & powerful enhancement features, quickly redact videos, and easily create comprehensive reports with embedded video and images.

Version 1.2.0 was released earlier this week and includes a new Stabilize node/feature, DVR Examiner compatibility, decoding of timestamps from frame headers, new file format support and more!

Learn more about how -iNPUT-ACE can save you and your agency a substantial amount of time, money and frustration when dealing with video evidence.  Contact us today!

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