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Generate an Online-Quote here for most items, including support and training.  Not sure if you are in support?  Email sales and we will send you a list of your SN and expiration dates.

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Here is a web page recorder - Screen-o-Matic

Support via Screen Sharing 

Go to and enter their name & the support key we provide.  For details on Firewall addresses & ports used by RescueAssist see the "Network" section of the "Customer System Requirements"

We also use Mikogo Exe - This is a free screen sharing program that is self executing.  It doesn't install, it just runs.
After downloading this Mikogo.exe, you can load it on thumb drive and take with you for your own screen share share sessions.  If you don't want to download Mikogo.exe or you can't, go to from a web browser, and we will provide you a support key to start your session.

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Ocean Systems offers annual support contracts to match your budget and needs including phone support, software updates, and extended hardware warranties. Request a proposal today!

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Browse through our online Knowledge Base for answers to common questions and issues.  KB articles are organized by product, and are also listed under the FAQs tab when browsing products.

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Avid Support Resources

Here are some links to Avid's Media Composer support resources...

Upgrade to the latest version of MC for just $299! Contact Us today for more information.

Adobe Support Resources

Here are some links to Adobe's Photoshop support resources...

Learn how to Optimize Photoshop CC performance - recommended hardware, application & OS settings.

DME Resources (

A secure online DME Professional Community with a number of tools/features to facilitate secure information sharing between verified members, including File Sharing, Forums, DCCTV File Extension & Codec database and more.