dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite

dTective® 8.6 for Avid & Adobe Released!

Get to the Truth leveraging the latest & greatest releases of Ocean Systems Forensic Video Processing Tools Today Ocean Systems announces the release of dTective® 8.6 for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro along with the release of archive-R™ 2.1 which now includes QuickView LT™. dTective 8.6 installers now include both archive-R version 2.1, […]

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Download our QuickView LT™ Free Multimedia Viewer Today!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of QuickDME™ version 4.1.1, as well as a standalone installer for QuickView LT™ (Our FREE multimedia viewer). New and Improved Features in QuickDME version 4.1.1:  QuickDME™ QuickView in AccessDME™ QuickDME Note Taking Capability – This new feature allows notes to be taken while reviewing video within AccessDME or […]

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archive-R™ 2.0 – Easily Hash, Copy, Move & Manage Avid Media Composer Projects & Media

archive-R™ version 2.0 is here and is FREE to those In-Support As of 6/1/2021! It’s never been easier to manage your Avid Media Composer projects and media.  We’ve super-charged and streamlined archive-R™‘s Avid project indexing, and updated it to accommodate the very latest versions of Media Composer. New Features Include: Supports Avid Media Composer 2020.x […]

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Mass Video Collection & Processing: “Windows Explorer on Steroids” – QuickDME™

That’s one way to put it, “Windows Explorer on Steroids”.  As you may know, QuickDME™ began as a crime scene photo management tool, complete with advanced metadata & camera specific capabilities. Over the last several years we’ve grown it into what we’ve envisioned from the very start, thanks to the feedback & support of our […]

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Your Evidence. Your Storage. Your Way. QuickDME™ version 4.1

Finally, the solution you have been looking for to assist you with your Digital Evidence management & processing.  No need to move your cheese, as QuickDME™ was built to accomodate you & your existing digital evidence workflows!  Perfect for individuals, smaller teams or agency wide.   QuickDME™ v4.1 Automate Redundant Tasks: Ingest, Hash, Copy, Hash, Burn […]

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Let’s Talk Storage Solutions for Digital & Multimedia Evidence

If you work with digital evidence you know you need secure, reliable, flexible storage solutions. Regardless of which tools you use to process Digital & Multimedia Evidence (DME) or even which discipline(s) you specialize in, high-capacity reliable storage is a fundamental commonality and requirement. As each day passes law enforcement and government agencies struggle with […]

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Agencies Trained Badges

2020 Training Dates & Course Updates

Great news!  We’ve published the first 6 months of our 2020 Training Calendar, through June, 2020.  But wait, that’s not all, if you keep reading you’ll also learn about our new LIVE On-line Training options, as well as various course updates for 2020 too. 😉 LIVE Remote On-line Training Options Our on-line instruction allows users […]

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QuickDME™ 3.2 – New Archive & Restore Adds Even More Storage Flexibility

With the release of QuickDME™ version 3.2 Administrators can quickly and easily archive & restore case assets via Admin Configurator, providing even more storage flexibility. To start using the new feature, Admins simply need to setup their Archive Storage location via the Database Setup Utility (shown below). This only needs to be done once, as […]

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