(Live Webinar) Omnivore™ v3.3 – What’s New with FFmpeg Convert

Join us for a free 1 hour webinar to learn about the new features in Omnivore™ Viewer’s FFmpeg Convert introduced in Omnivore™ v3.3, such as: Batch processing capability Ability to Interrogate multimedia using FFprobe Our new FFmpeg XML Viewer for viewing Frame Information reports Ability to correct aspect ratio and/or change dimensions Ability to change […]

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Omnivore Viewer w/FFmpeg Convert

Use FFmpeg Convert on ANY Windows PC w/a USB port!

What if you carried a USB 3.0 Thumbdrive with you that could run the software you needed for capturing and/or processing your Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) when and where you needed it? Introducing Omnivore™ v3.1 Portable Digital Video Capture Tool.  It’s not just for well documented, uncompressed forensic screen capture, it now also includes Omnivore™ […]

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Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) Resources

Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) has been used by Digital & Multimedia Evidence (DME) analysts since prior to the very first certifications in any of the related DME disciplines  (e.g. computer forensics, mobile forensics, video forensics, audio forensics, image analysis).  FOSS has transformed the landscape of each of those disciplines in the process.  Below […]

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