dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite

dTective® 8.6 for Avid & Adobe Released!

Get to the Truth leveraging the latest & greatest releases of Ocean Systems Forensic Video Processing Tools Today Ocean Systems announces the release of dTective® 8.6 for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro along with the release of archive-R™ 2.1 which now includes QuickView LT™. dTective 8.6 installers now include both archive-R version 2.1, […]

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Download our QuickView LT™ Free Multimedia Viewer Today!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of QuickDME™ version 4.1.1, as well as a standalone installer for QuickView LT™ (Our FREE multimedia viewer). New and Improved Features in QuickDME version 4.1.1:  QuickDME™ QuickView in AccessDME™ QuickDME Note Taking Capability – This new feature allows notes to be taken while reviewing video within AccessDME or […]

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Webinar: Ocean Systems Technology & Solutions Review

Join us for this free one hour webinar where you’ll learn about the very latest products & solutions from Ocean Systems, including: New & existing products and features you may be missing that can improve your productivity September, 2021 sales specials & limited time upgrade offers Remote training offerings, and… We’ll of course be showing […]

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Webinar: QuickDME™ v4.1 – Working with Proprietary DCCTV Players & Files

Join us for a free 1 hour webinar to learn about working with proprietary DCCTV evidence in QuickDME™ version 4.1. We’ll show how QuickDME™‘s Player Manager features allows admins to “virtualize” and associate proprietary players to specific file types, within specific case folders. We’ll also discuss workflows leveraging our integrated QuickDME™ FFmpeg processing commands, which […]

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Mass Video Collection & Processing: “Windows Explorer on Steroids” – QuickDME™

That’s one way to put it, “Windows Explorer on Steroids”.  As you may know, QuickDME™ began as a crime scene photo management tool, complete with advanced metadata & camera specific capabilities. Over the last several years we’ve grown it into what we’ve envisioned from the very start, thanks to the feedback & support of our […]

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Webinar: Omnivore™ v3.5 New Features & Workflow Review

Join us for a free 1 hour webinar to learn more about Omnivore™ version 3.5!  We’ll show the new LOSSLESS trimming process, updated player in FFmpeg Convert, substantial optimization improvements for Field Kit & video captures, and more! We’ll also show off Omnivore™‘s integration with QuickView LT™, which was introduced with QuickDME™ version 4.1 New […]

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Omnivore™'s New FFmpeg Convert Player in v3.5

New(!) Lossless Trimming & More – Omnivore™ v3.5

We hoped to have Omnivore™ v3.5 released last month, but we just had to get it right…and it’ll be worth the wait! The v3.5 release will incorporate performance improvements for our uncompressed screen capture, a new preview player that makes trimming much quicker, plus we’ve added Lossless Trimming for any FFmpeg supported file! Lossless Trimming Having […]

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Webinar: Processing Video Evidence w/ Omnivore™ & QuickView LT™

Join us for a free 1 hour webinar to learn more about how Omnivore™ & QuickView LT™ can help you quickly PLAY, INTERROGATE, PROCESS & DOCUMENT your video evidence. QuickView LT™ was introduced with QuickDME™ version 4.1 New QuickView LT™ video player accessible via Windows right-click context menu, plays all FFmpeg supported files New Metadata […]

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Your Evidence. Your Storage. Your Way. QuickDME™ version 4.1

Finally, the solution you have been looking for to assist you with your Digital Evidence management & processing.  No need to move your cheese, as QuickDME™ was built to accomodate you & your existing digital evidence workflows!  Perfect for individuals, smaller teams or agency wide.   QuickDME™ v4.1 Automate Redundant Tasks: Ingest, Hash, Copy, Hash, Burn […]

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Fundamentals of Video Evidence for Investigations – FVEI (3-Day) Cancelled due to Corona

This course is the first 3 days of our FVA 101 course that excludes the last two days in which you would learn how to process evidence in an non-linear editor using the dTective suite. Students spend the majority of the class doing hands-on investigative processing tasks like extracting the video to a playable format, extracting images, converting/transcoding, and basic image clarification to quickly produce actionable investigative leads. Ideal for anyone in the chain of evidence that needs to leverage video evidence.

Tools Utilized and Discussed:
Omnivore™ with FFmpeg, Photoshop/ClearID, QuickDME™ and other tools discussed include FFmpeg, VirtualDub, VLC Media Player and more

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