Use FFmpeg Convert on ANY Windows PC w/a USB port!

What if you carried a USB 3.0 Thumbdrive with you that could run the software you needed for capturing and/or processing your Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) when and where you needed it?

Introducing Omnivore™ v3.1 Portable Digital Video Capture Tool.  It’s not just for well documented, uncompressed forensic screen capture, it now also includes Omnivore™ Viewer with FFmpeg Convert, for extracting frames, converting standard (& even some proprietary) video files, and it’ll document everything you do along the way!

For those new to the award winning Omnivore™ Portable Digital Video Capture Tool, Omnivore™ has always included our freely distributable Omnivore™ Viewer, for viewing and processing the Omnivore™ file formats (.OMV and .OMVA).  With the release of Omnivore™ v3.1, which is FREE to all of those in support as of 3/1/2019, Omnivore™ Viewer can now also open and process any file supported by FFmpeg.

Leveraging FFmpeg has never been easier or more portable!

It is important to note that the new FFmpeg Convert capability is only available when using Omnivore™ Viewer directly from the Omnivore™ drive.  Distributed copies of the Omnivore™ Viewer software will NOT have FFmpeg Convert capability.

How to Open FFmpeg Convert

Simply launch Omnivore™, then click the Omnivore™ Viewer icon near the bottom right-hand corner.

Alternatively, browse your Omnivore™ drive in Windows Explorer and you’ll notice the “omnivore_viewer.exe” at the root of the ROM partition.  Simply double-click to launch Omnivore Viewer.

With Omnivore Viewer open, you can either drag a FFmpeg supported video file into the Omnivore™ Viewer interface or you can launch FFmpeg Convert via the File > Open options.  When you attempt to open anything other than an Omnivore™ file (.OMV or .OMVA), the FFmpeg Convet interface will be displayed:

Omnivore Viewer w/FFmpeg Convert

Omnivore™ Viewer’s FFmpeg Convert utility is a GUI front-end to FFmpeg on Windows, which provides several common processing tasks and options, including the ability to save the detailed FFmpeg logs after processing has completed.  For more information, see the HELP documentation in Omnivore™ or check out this excerpt from the Omnivore™ user guide on FFmpeg Convert.

Omnivore™ Viewer with FFmpeg Convert will be featured in our new upcoming training class Fundamentals of Video Evidence Recovery & Processing (FVRP), April 16th through 18th.  Also, keep an eye out for video tips, tricks and future webinars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Omnivore Viewer w/FFmpeg Convert is provided for convenience only; it is the responsibility of the technician/analyst to confirm and/or validate any derivatives created via these processes.  For more information on FFmpeg we recommend reviewing the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence’s document SWGDE Technical Notes on FFmpeg.

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