Video Evidence Collection & Investigative Processing

Some people think in terms of black & white, with very little gray area.  It can be challenging for some of those folks to understand that when it comes to processing video evidence, it’s rarely black or white and we don’t often have time to navigate the gray area, early in an investigation.

Time is of the essence. We don’t need complete lab results, and we don’t need geeks in the digital evidence section freaking out on us about using an image exported from the player in our BOLO. What we need is education & support from our experts, and an understanding of the fundamentals of seizing, playing & processing digital video evidence.

In my travels teaching video evidence recovery and processing, I kept hearing a common theme: “Our guys don’t need to be technicians or analysts, they just need some basics, so they can get an accurate BOLO or APB image out ASAP.”

This is exactly why we’ve introduced a new 3-day training class called “Fundamentals of Video Evidence Recovery & Processing (FVRP)“.

This new 3-day class provides an overview of industry Best Practices for the collection of DCCTV evidence, as well as hands-on practical exercises doing initial investigative processing (e.g. recovering proprietrary video, converting video, extracting frames, etc).

Practical, hands-on experience is one of the best ways to learn.  Put your hands on multiple different types of files & playback software, and learn how to quickly produce images and video that can be used to expedite your investigations.   Along the way, learn the industry’s Best Practices & learn from your peers in a controlled learning environment.

Whether you’re an Administrative Assistant, Patrol Officer or one of the world’s most recognized experts in Digital & Multimedia Evidence (DME), this new 3-Day course can help you and your agency.  Join us at our office April 18th or contact us today to find out more about hosting a class at your agency.  Hope to see you in class soon!

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