Video Evidence Training for Investigations – FVRP (3 Days)

Join us for 3 days of hands-on training designed to help expedite law enforcement investigations involving Digital Video Evidence, July 23-25 at our offices in Burtonsville, MD.

This 3-day course provides an overview of video fundamentals & the Best Practices for recovery of DCCTV evidence, but is predominantly geared towards hands-on investigative processing.  Students spend the majority of the class doing hands-on investigative processing tasks like extracting the video to a playable format, extracting images, converting/transcoding, and basic image clarification for quickly producing actionable investigative leads.

Who Should Attend?

The course is titled Fundamentals of Video Evidence Recovery & Processing (FVRP), and is designed for anyone who recovers, handles, processes or disseminates Digital & Multimedia Evidence (DME), regardless of prior video evidence training or experience.

Tools Used in Class

Ocean Systems Omnivore™, ClearID®, and QuickDME™.   FOSS tools discussed include FFmpeg, VirtualDub, Forevid, MediaInfo, ExifTool, VLC Media Player, MPC-HC media player and more.

Featuring Omnivore™ Viewer w/FFmpeg Convert

Omnivore™ v3.3 will include an updated Omnivore™ Viewer w/FFmpeg Convert, which will allow anyone with an Omnivore™ drive to PROBE, PLAY & PROCESS any FFmpeg supported multimedia file from ANY Windows PC with a USB port!






Analyze metadata, export/save metadata reports, preview/play your media (including many proprietary DCCTV files), extract frames, convert to common formats, resize and/or correct aspect ratio, save your FFmpeg Convert log files and more…in the office or in the field!





Omnivore™ v3.3 will be released soon and heavily utilized in the FVRP course July 23-25, 2019.

We hope to see you in class!

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