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What's New

  • New LIVE - Remote On-Line Training Options (4 Hour Sessions - 4 Different Modules Offered)
    Current Online Training Modules Available: Generate an Online Quote

    • ClearID - Image Clarification Training
    • Omnivore - Introduction to Omnivore
    • Omnivore - Digital Media Processing using Omnivore's version 3.3 integrated FFmpeg tools
    • dTective/Avid Media Composer - Introduction to dTective plugins for Media Composer - Video Editing, Redacting, Frame Averaging, etc.
  • Omnivore - With FFMPEG Convert - To Go (Free if in Support 07-01-2019)
    Omnivore is no longer only for forensically sound screen capture. You can now Probe, Play & Process with FFmpeg & get a detailed report/log.  FFMPEG Convert is loaded on the Omnivore ROM Partition so you can take it with you and run it from any Windows System you plug Omnivore into and it will run without installing.  And instead of running command prompts, you have access to easy exports with a click of a button.  You can even run multiple export options in a single pass.
    In the office or in the field, Omnivore is a must have tool for anyone viewing or processing digital video evidence.
    Available for Download - Omnivore Product Page - Omnivore 3.3 Overview Videos
  • Omnivore Drive Upgrade Program - Upgrade your old USB2 32GB drives to the new USB3 64GB
    Omnivore drives starting with SNs B50, M12A or M13A are USB2 32GB drives.
    If you are interested and getting the updated USB3 64GB versions, click here to Learn More
  • QuickDME - Digital Evidence Processing and Workflow Manager  w/ FFMPEG Convert (Free if in Support 02-01-2019)
    New FFmpeg Send-To options - 11 new options for rewrapping and transcoding proprietary media into standard file formats for distribution and processing.  Send-To feature Updated to support locally installed FFmpeg and FFProbe, including more advanced command line control for creating your own FFmpeg presets.Customers in Ocean Systems dTective Global support are eligible for a single license or you can get started for as little as $795
    Available for download  - QuickDME Product Page - QuickDME Overview Videos
  • dTective 8.1 - Updated SpotLight/Redact & updated dVeloper effect! (Free if in Support 02-01-2019)

    Spotlight /Redact - Process more video in less time with 4 targets in on plugin.  And with a new animation feature and filter options.
    dVeloper - This is a huge performance.  Drop a video in Avid and investigate it in real-time.  Then simply Lasso a plate at any point in time and get real-time frame averaging results. From there change the color channels to find the best results. Again, all in realtime.  Want to render your results?  A 2:30 second render now takes as little as 3 seconds.
    ClearID 3.3.3 is included in this installer so no need to download it separately.
    Available for download - dTective Product Page - dTective Overview Videos
  • dTective 8.1 - Adobe Premiere Pro support added, BETA Released 7/23/19 - Learn more
  • Avid Media Composer 2019.6 (06-20-2019)
    Important Notice –  If you are a dTective user using archive-R, you should not upgrade their Avid software beyond Media Composer 2018.12.6 (released 06-20-2019) because archive-R is not currently compatible with that Avid version.  See related FAQ  -  See what you are missing - Avid Features added by version  Download Avid Media Composer and Dongle Updater by version from the Avid web site from your  Avid Master Account
  • ClearID 3.3.3 - 64bit - (10-18-18) - Updated for PS CC 2019
    ClearID 3.3 - Summary of Improvements

    • ClearID Workflow Filters are now recordable as PS Actions
    • Batch Processing of images using recorded ClearID PS Actions
    • How to use CID as Actions sections added to user guide
    • Sample Action Set and User Recorded Actions Set included
    • F11 Key now brings up last filter applied with previous settings used
    • Frequency Filters can now read the PS Ruler data the same way Motion dBlur does
    • Feedback Button has been changed to a Support Button, and linked a new resources page

    Available for download - ClearID Product Page

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 (20.0.4) (03-2019)
    Update through Creative Cloud. Want to always have the latest? Purchase a 1yr Pre-Paid Subscription
  • Omnivore Field Kits (12-01-18)
    Supports Video Captures From: VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite Sources
    Learn More
  • QuickEnhance Audio Clarification AAX & VST v2.3.2 64bit (02 -01- 15), AS v2.3, VST v2.2.1 32bit
    AAX Supports Media Composer 8.2 and newer - AS Supports Media Composer 7.0 to 8.1
    Available for download
  • archive-R 1.13 - Avid Project Archiving and Restoration Tool (04-12-17)
    Available for download

Forensic Processing Workstations

We are constantly researching, testing & updating our industry leading Forensic Workstation configurations. Qualified to run the most processing intensive software, our Forensic Workstations are purpose built, application tested, 4K/UHD qualified systems with XEON processors, optional M.2 Boot drives, optional write-blockers, and more.